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Business school Network overview

The PGSM Business School Network has an Institute of continuing and cooperative education. It is one of the most important higher education centers in France, which offers a very wide range of programs and which enjoys an international renown with its 400 faculty members and professional experts and 5000 business partners.

Over 5500 students within the PGSM Network study in the heart of Paris. The PGSM Business School Network has graduated 26000 Alumni since its foundation. Over seventy nationalities are represented in our student body. E-learning classes are available in French and English and we offer a full Bachelor as well as several Master and MBA programmes taught entirely in English.


Yannick Ouaknine BBA 2001, EMBA, 2002 graduated
Governance & Sustainability Research

"The PGSM interdisciplinary BBA & MBA Programs were able to provide me with the tools and frame of reference needed to be successful outside of the classroom setting..."

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