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BBA Program - Applications and admission

The admission process

The academic year is organized into two semesters Admission is on a continuing basis and applicants are notified immediately of the jury's decision.

Interviews are conducted in Paris and if necessary by phone. In some cases, the jury may decide to waive the interview, when the applicant has suitable qualifications. The Admissions Office reserves the right to require a candidate to take remedial courses in English, mathematics or other subject areas before admission into the program.

Upon admission, each candidate receives an acceptance letter and will be formally registered upon payment of the first installment of tuition fees. Non-EU nationals must at this time apply for a student visa with their local French Embassy or Consular Office.

Application Procedure

Students are requested to provide the following:

  • A certified copy of their high school degree*,
  • A certified copy of their high school transcripts and all courses taken after high school whether they finished the program or not,
  • For non-native English speakers, a TOEFL score of 80 (or other English test such as IELTS),
  • A personal statement explaining their personal motivations and future professional goals,
  • Recommendation letters,
  • A completed BBA application form with the Application Fee and a copy of their passport, visa or identity card (carte de séjour/carte d’identité).

Please note that all documents must be translated into English or French before the Application file be submitted to the jury for a decision on admissibility.

* The jury may grant appropriate waivers after studying diplomas / degrees awarded and transcripts of prior courses

Transfer Students

The BBA Program accepts transfer students and gives transfer credits in courses in which the candidate has earned a letter grade of C or above. Upon admission, students must submit in writing a request for a waiver and transfer credit.

Transfer credits are granted only if the subject previously studied corresponds to a subject in the BBA Program and the number of contact hours is approximately the same.To obtain a waiver and transfer credit, a college transcript and an official description of the course taken at the prior institution must be submitted to the Dean.

Students may also request to take an equivalency exam to obtain a waiver in any required course.Work experience is generally not taken into account for waivers, except in certain exceptional cases.

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Summer session

Program 1
enrollment closes on MAY 15th 2010

Program 2
enrollment closes on JUNE 15th 2010

Summer session program

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