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What positions can students expect after ESGF?

ESGF School Unit

> Financial analyst
> Financial Auditor
> Broker
> Accountant
> Financial Consultant
> Financial Controller Assistant
> Credit Manager
> Financial Director
> Administrative Manager
> Back Office-Middle Office Manager
> Accounts Department Manager
> Trader

ESGF Business School (Ecole Supérieure de Gestion et Finance) offers programs especially tailored for jobs in the fields of accounting and finance.

ESGF Business School puts a special emphasis on practical experience (internships in banks, insurance companies etc.), making its students operational as soon as possible, and training them to be performing in the fields of finance, audit, accounting and tax counselling.

Offering 4 specializations in French and one in English, ESGF attracts international students interested in a perfect combination of courses developing their managerial and communication skills, while getting an excellent knowledge in financial domains. Students joining ESGF can obtain a bachelor’s degree in 3 years, an Intenational Master of Science in Finance in 5 years.

A large number of ESGF graduates are now working in established firms in the following positions:

  • International treasury manager
  • Credit manager
  • Operations manager
  • Financial manager

Bachelor and Master programs taught in French

The other four specializations taught at ESGF include two years of core courses in French language, the specialization starting in the third year of studies.


A 2004 graduate

Ariadna Stefanescu
High Yield and Loan Capital Markets JPMorgan plc (London)

"My decision to join ESGF was predominantly driven by its Gestion Financiere Internationale program which, as well as offering a wide range of high-level courses covering all aspects of the financial industry, gave me the opportunity to develop my knowledge and expertise in a truly international environment. The courses I took at ESGF, and at Millikin University during my semester exchange program, gave me a solid foundation in finance which I had the opportunity to use and expand during my internship in the INSEAD LBO Research Team. I graduated from ESGF in July 2004 and have since commenced working for JPMorgan in London in their High Yield and Leverage Finance team."

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