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Bachelor and Master programs taught in French

The other four specializations taught at ESGF include two years of core courses in French language, the specialization starting in the third year of studies.

Bachelor and Master program in International Finance taught in English

International students can attend this program if they have completed at least two years of study at another institution of higher learning (the jury will, upon receipt of your application form, evaluate whether the courses passed at the other university can be waived at ESGF) or after completing the BBA Program (taught entirely in English) of the ESGCI Business School unit.

The waiver concerns courses that are similar to the ones taught in the first two years at ESGCI.

Courses taught

International business environment
• Intercultural management
• International treasury management
• Projet associatif ou professionnel et Langue vivante 2

Legal computing
• International business law
• International trade
• Computing 2 Advanced financial management
• Corporate finance
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Financial reporting and international accounting standards
• Mémoire de recherche et Rapport de stage

Advanced markets and finance
• Front office operations
• Portfolio

Professional business environment
• Professional ethic, corporate governance & financial communication
• Management applied to finance teams
• Internship report (5th year)
• Financial computing
• Foreign languages

Professional exams & technics
• Preparation to Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exams
• Preparation to Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exams
• Preparation to Series 7 (Trading) exams
• Technical analysis Financial Management
• Portfolio management (advanced level)
• Derivatives management
• Alternative investments management
• Debt investment management
• Risks management
• Financial econometric models

Auditing, corporate & law
• Auditing & consulting
• Business regulations : US & UK
• Taxation : US & UK
• Financial engineering
• Firm & asset valuation

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