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Euro-China MBA

A sampling of courses taught in the program in China

  • Euro-China MBAABC's of the Chinese Economy,
  • Politics & Administration,
  • Chinese Business Law,
  • Accounting and Tax Systems,
  • Intellectual Property & Transfer of Technology,
  • Partner Selection,
  • Negotiation Methods,
  • Distribution & the Chinese Consumer Market.

2st Year - Euro-China MBA

The Euro-China MBA (ECMBA) program prepares managers for a successful and realistic approach to the Chinese Market. Students will attend the first semester in Paris and finish their course work in China at Shanghaï University, or at Tongji University.

The ECMBA is offered to English speaking professionals, executives or students holding at least a Bachelors Degree.

Step 1

Course work in Paris from October to the end of December in either an English speaking program (EMBA: IMP + EMP) or in one of the French speaking Masters (MGE or MCI).

Step 2

Complete your MBA Programs in China at one of our partner Universities (Shanghaï or Tongji University). Participants are awarded the MBA degree from both the Chinese University and PGSM.

The ECMBA’s mission

The program enables participants to:

  • develop strategic thinking in a global context,
  • develop competencies needed to operate effectively in diverse economic and cultural environments.

Participants make new contacts, creating new network opportunities within the fastest growing market in the world. The program helps them to identify new potential careers via a personal discovery and development.

Chinese students who have not a sufficent level in English can have the opportunity to learn at PGSM during one or two semesters, English an pre-requisite courses of Management in the “preparatory class”.

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