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Student from European Union

Before coming to France, students from the EU must fill out the Form E-128 (certification that they benefit from social security in their country of origin) with their national social security office to obtain reimbursement of their medical costs in France.

EU students may receive their reimbursement by presenting Form E-128 to the Center for International Relations for the Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie de Paris:
173 rue de Bercy - 75012 Paris
Tel: +33 1 40 19 55 30

Staying healthy

All hospitals have an emergency room that is open 24 hours a day. Physicians and pharmacies are on call at nights and weekends. The well-known French system of health insurance reimburses a portion of participants' medical expenses in return for a mandatory annual contribution of EUR 172.

Student group health plans are available to cover all or part of that portion of your medical bills that is not covered by the basic national system. Premiums for such supplemental coverage start at EUR 110 per year.

The French health-care system is one of the best in the world. The level of care in French hospitals is of very high quality, and universal insurance makes care available to everyone. Students, in particular, enjoy ready access to medical services and preventive care.

To be eligible for the national student health plan, students must be under 28 and enrolled in a participating institution of higher education. Students 28 and older must obtain private health insurance.

Medical Insurance

International students outside the European Union

All foreign students from outside the European Union and between 20 and 28 years old staying in France must have medical insurance to cover potential medical costs, hospitalization and repatriation.

Attention: in case of accident, the PGSM Business School Network is not responsible.
Beyond a 4- month stay in the exchange program, international students must pay into the French national social system (around EUR 189 will cover your medical costs while in Paris). To do this, you must fill out a social security form provided by the administration when you register (upon presentation of your passport and visa). Checks are made payable to the school and all social security costs are entirely the student’s responsibility.

Exchange students who will be staying for less than 4 months must provide proof that they are covered under an insurance policy in the country of origin.



  • Hôpital de l'assistance publique Tenon
    4, rue de la Chine - 75020
    Tel: 01 56 01 70 00
  • Hôpital Saint-Antoine
    184, rue du Fg St-Antoine - 75012
    Tel: 01 49 28 20 00
  • Hôpital Saint-Louis
    1, av. Claude Vellefaux - 75010
    Tel: 01 42 49 49 49


  • Direction des hôpitaux de Paris
    Tel: 01 40 27 30 00
    Recherche des personnes hospitalisées dans les hôpitaux
    Tel: 01 40 27 40 27


  • Clinique Médico chirurgicale du Mont Louis
    8, rue de la Folie Regnault
    Tel: 01 43 56 56 56
  • Centre de Kinésithérapie Mont Louis
    Tel: 01 43 56 54 50
  • Kinésithérapie du sport, traumatologie, rhumatologie
    Clinique Léonard de Vinci
    95, av. Parmentier
    Tel: 0820 16 45 00
  • Clinique du Genou
    104, av. Parmentier
    Tel: 01 53 36 48 40
  • Hôpital Pierre Rouques - Les Bluets
    9, rue des Bluets
    Tel: 01 53 36 41 00


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