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International student exchange program

How to choose courses?

As an exchange student at the PGSM Business School Network, you can follow courses in English and/or French at all of our departments: ESG, ESGCI, BBA, ESGF.

You have, therefore, a wide range of courses you can choose from, in both languages. Once the PGSM Business School Network has received your exchange student application form, you will receive a course list from the International Office.

Application deadline

For the fall semester (September – December) is in Mid-May.

For the spring semester (January – June) is in Mid-November.

If you are not coming from one of our partner institutions, you can either put us in touch with the international office of your institution, so that we can eventually agree upon an exchange agreement, or come as a “study abroad” student on a fee-paying basis to PGSM. If you are in that situation, please contact the Director for International Relations by email

How to do an exchange semester at PGSM?

If you are a student from one of our partner universities, please contact the international office of your home institution. They are in touch with us, and after receiving your official nomination from them we will send you all the documents necessary for your exchange semester here at PGSM.

If for any reason your international office cannot provide you with the help you have requested you can obviously contact us directly. Please be aware that we can only grant you with an exchange student status if your home university has officially nominated you as such.

Once your home institution has nominated you, you will receive a course list, information prospectus and all the application forms (courses, housing…) from us via email. As these attachments might be “heavy”, please be sure that the email address you are communicating us can store some bigger attachments.

The International Office of PGSM will assist you in finding housing, as well as with your course choice, arrival date and other questions you might have related to your exchange period in Paris.

Semester date schedule

Fall term
September – December
Spring term
January – May
For the BBA program
January - June Some MBA courses might last until mid-July.
For all the other programs in French or English


"I wanted to go abroad to discover and visit"

Emilie Alix
Exchange program 2007 With UDEM (Universidad de Monterrey), in Mexico

"I wanted to go abroad to discover and visit, I wanted to know everything, finally I realize two things..."

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