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International student housing

Special notice

The French state accords a housing subsidy to students, which gives you the opportunity to get about 20% of your housing expenses back. Our international office will help you with the application form for this subsidy once you have arrived in Paris.

Please notice that students from outside the European Union have to have a visa that lasts for a minimum duration of 1 year to apply for this grant!

Nominated exchange students can apply for housing via the international office.

Once you’ve been officially nominated by your home university; you will receive a “housing application form” from our International Office. PGSM will help you finding housing, either in one of the flats (for 2 up to 5 students) we have at disposal or in a student dormitory not far from the school in the North of Paris.

Furthermore, we can give you addresses and contact details of PGSM students going abroad for the period when you will be in Paris who may let you stay in their flat.

Please be aware that housing attribution is always on a first come - first serve basis, and that you therefore have to send us the housing application form as soon as possible.

Paris accomodation

Please be aware that housing is quite difficult to find in Paris, and the average monthly rent is around 500 / 650 €.

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