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PGSM - International meeting

From January 12th to January 15th 2009 PGSM will host a study group from Lynn University, USA for a short seminar in the field of Marketing of Luxury Products.

The academic lecture will be completed by two company visits, giving the participating students and faculty a practical approach of the theories of this very specialized and interesting field.

To follow the latest activities of the PGSM Network in the international field please visit the "What's on" section

The business school Network is proud of its tradition of participating in international forums, bilateral exchange agreements, delocalized programs and other strategic alliances all over the world.

In this section of our website, you will find details of our international strategy, partnerships, staff mobility, information about exchange programs and projects.

We welcome international students as valued members of our programs. Our experienced faculty and internationally focused curriculum make us one of the leading business schools in Paris and ranks our MBA Programs among the best in France.

The international students studying at PGSM come from all over the world, either as degree-seeking students (please refer to our academic programs or from our partner schools worldwide within a bilateral exchange or the ERASMUS program. For all these students, the staff of our international office as well as our student association offer services, support and help to assist the international students before, during and after their study period ad PGSM.

The International Office of PGSM is responsible for the coordination and implementation of all activities related to establishing and maintaining exchange agreements with universities abroad, the international strategy of the Network, as well as for the outgoing and incoming students. The responsibilities of the International Office include also receiving and organizing programs for many visitors from our partners. Our core activities are also the processing of international student application, academic advising of the incoming and outgoing students, arranging accommodation for incoming students, coordination of the Buddy Network Program and organizing the Summer Programs.

Every year, PGSM receives approximately 150 exchange students from about 100 partner universities and sends out a slightly smaller number of PGSM students.

"Differentiate myself from others "

Shachar BRY, BBA 2005 (Major Finance)
Junior consultant, Enterprise Risk Services Deloitte Israel

"Receiving my BBA diploma in Paris has allowed me to differentiate myself from others during my job search in Israel, inspired from the multiple languages and cultures at ESG campus, as well as my participation in various extra curricular activities, such as the BBA Courier..."

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