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Latin-American MBA

A sampling of courses
offered in Mexico

  • Latin-American MBA - University of Anahuac del SurMarco legal de la mercadotécnia,
  • Mercado de capitales,
  • Liderazgo estratégico empresarial,
  • Planeación financiera internacional,
  • Estrategías de distribución,
  • Temas de inovación empresarial,
  • Investigación de mercados internacionales,
  • Administración de operaciones,
  • Logística.

> University of Anahuac del Sur

2st Year - Latin-American MBA

The LAMBA Program is a program taught in English and Spanish (optional), and is divided into three different modules.

The LAMBA Program attracts both French and international students, who wish to do business in Latin-America and Europe. The LAMBA Program is internationally oriented and combines a period of study in Paris with a period in Mexico.

Module 1

Students must successfully complete the first part of the EMBA Program entitled the International Management Program (IMP) from October to December or from January to March.

Module 2

Students study in Spanish for two trimesters, approximately six months, within the MBA Programs in Mexico:

  • from January to July (trimester 1 from January to March; trimester 2 from April to June)
  • or from April to September (trimester 1 from April to June, trimester 2 from June to September).

Module 3 (Optional)

Internship: Students may choose to do a three-month internship in either Latin America or Europe to replace the final trimester of courses in Mexico.

After successfully completing the three modules, students must do a thesis on a subject relevant to the Latin- American business community and/or South American Markets. Upon validating all degree requirements, students obtain the LAMBA degree from the PGSM Network.

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