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"Our association's goal is to welcome foreign students within the PGSM Network. Fisrt of all we want to help them integrate the Network , but also to support them in opening a check account and to suscribe to a phone line for example. The objective is also to allow them discover and visit Paris. We really want to be here for them all the time. It's a true and wealthy experience because we are always in contact with people from different cultures from all over the world This experience is not only a way to cross our knowledge in the framework of studies , it is above all a way to share our traditions , values an cultures all together. At the end of the semester, we organised a farewell party to celebrate the end of the year and let them have a good souvenir of their experience in Paris."

Facebook: PGSM Buddynetwork of Paris

The International PGSM Students' Association attempts to provide help and information for the social live and cultural integration in Paris and in France.

Therefore, we do try to provide a French student for every exchange student who acts as his/her "personal mentor". Your buddy, as well as the whole Student's Association, will be there to give you advice and practical support.

We will also assist you if you arrive outside the opening hours of your student residence or the international office, by collecting your room key for you in advance, and by organizing an airport-pickup for you.

Last but not least we do organise social events, parties as well as trips to other cities in Europe for you to join.

Please make sure that you are registered via the International Office of PGSM! Once this is done, the Student's Association will receive your email adress and your name, and contact you directly with more information.

Please make sure to check your e-mails before you leave home, the program information will be sent out always just before the beginning of the new term.

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