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Student associations

Student Associations were created in order to ensure a spirit of entrepreneurship, to train students to take on responsibilities, to multiply contacts with the world of business, arts, literature and theater, and to encourage students to participate in sports.


The purpose of this association is to promote the business school throughout France by means of exhibitions, conferences and open days.

PGSM Communication

The goal of this student association is to communicate to the outside world the mission and accomplishments of the Network. They organize open houses throughout the year and offer advice to prospective students.

The PGSM Newsletter

The Newsletter is the opportunity to take your pen and write down what you feel and what you know. The Newsletter brings out our privileged and unique insights and the variety of our origins, experiences, and beliefs. Write articles on politics, economy, business, culture, religion, technology, sports, people, education, your country, or even the latest gossip.

The Yoga Association

The yoga association enables students to have a weekly experience of ZEN, to stop for a moment and relax in the Student Associations middle of all the studying they are surrounded by. Yoga association also proposes its philosophy on how to accept life in its simplicity.

Student Government

This association works closely with the administration of each school in the PGSM Network as well as the outside world. Its aim is to create a school spirit by organizing seminars, offering a liaison between the current student population and its alumni, travel opportunities, interviews, social events, and conferences. Yearly campaigns are held as students vote for the candidates of their choice who will lead the student body for that particular year.


The association for Theater and Arts is charged with the mission of creating a culture inside and outside of the school. Various events are organized with a focus on the arts, theater, dance, music and film.

Junior Consulting

The Junior Consulting Council offers its services to corporations in various areas of business such as consulting, market research, selling, telemarketing and computer technology. In applying theory learned in courses to concrete challenges encountered by corporations, students have the possibility of creating revenue to help pay for their studies as well as acquiring invaluable experiences in the world of work.

The Golf Association

Each year, the Golf Association organizes the PGSM Network Trophy. This sporting event allows a unique opportunity to bring the school and corporations together, along with some of the best golfers from other schools. Our golfers also compete in national events throughout the year.

Junior Bank Center

The world of stocks and bonds is discovered as contacts are made by students with professionals active in finance, business, the economy and the stock market.

Buddy NetworkBuddy Network

The Buddy Network association’s main objective is the cultural integration of the students who come every year to study at ESG Management School.

"During my studies I had the opportunity to be the BBA Student Association President"

Elisabeth WARLAND, BBA 2005 (Double Major: Management & Finance)
Asset Management /Client Reporting - Crédit Agricole

“Taking part in the PGSM BBA Program not only gave me intellectual skills but also increased my cultural knowledge..."

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