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"I have recommended the program to several overseas working professionals"

Dagmara SKORA BBA 2004
Management, MBA 2005 Marketing Deputee Brand Manager Euro RSCG Life

"As an MBA graduate of ESG, I have wholeheartedly recommended the program to several overseas working professionals. The course contents are relevant and up to date; but of more importance, the program places great emphasis on the application of knowledge in real businesses. Besides I was able to debate on interesting topics with my fellow classmates, in classroom lectures offered by the Professors of each module, perform in group-projects and make classroom presentations. This gave me the opportunity to openly discuss various issues with my professors and peers; thus, to broaden my perspective and strengthen my ability to make sound decisions on the professional field and in my life in general. In short, I would describe the program as comprehensive, relevant and of high quality. Since achieving my MBA, I have accelerated to the position of Deputee Brand Manager. I strongly believe that ESG has prepared me well."

Yannick Ouaknine BBA 2001, EMBA, 2002 graduated
Governance & Sustainability Research

"The PGSM interdisciplinary BBA & MBA Programs were able to provide me with the tools and frame of reference needed to be successful outside of the classroom setting. It helped pull together finance, accounting, marketing and operations knowledge into a coherent picture of how business operates. It also encourages professionalism and critical decision making skills that are essential when working with "real clients" on "real issues". The learning environment with instructors that have an excellent background in their field of study was really motivating and made the dialogue and exchanges between us more productive and of mutual interest. Last but not least, the different activities organized by the school were very thoughtful and much appreciated by the students"

"The project to work in an international environment"

Mona NAJJAR, Marocaine, BBA Level 400 - 2005

"My decision to resume my studies with the project to work in an international environment, even to settle in an Anglo-Saxon country was maturely considered. Also, the BBA program, in a multicultural context, not only allows me to study in English, the paramount language for any career considering the international character of the economic market, but also to specialize in the sector of finance, in order to reinstate the professional life desired under the best conditions."

"This program opens your mind "

Eloïse Benarrous, BBA 2005 (Marketing and Management)
Prisma Presse

"The BBA enabled me to mature and bring me a professional, personal and cultural enrichment. Classes were interactive and the different group projects that we have to realize reflects the world of the company and consequently prepare you to work with people you don’t even know; it opens your minds. Moreover, being in a small program allowed you to study in a convivial atmosphere. Following this program I’ve integrated an MBA specialized in Marketing and Publicity at ESG and currently working at Prisma Presse. What is sure is that the courses I have followed allow me to acquire the necessary and essential knowledge to the execution of the daily tasks in a company."

"During my studies I had the opportunity to be the BBA Student Association President"

Elisabeth WARLAND, BBA 2005 (Double Major: Management & Finance)
Asset Management /Client Reporting - Crédit Agricole

“Taking part in the PGSM BBA Program not only gave me intellectual skills but also increased my cultural knowledge. Being in a small program allowed me to make future business connections and more important; long lasting friendships! During my studies I had the opportunity to be the BBA Student Association President, developing my managerial & personal skills. Thanks to the above, I gained confidence & assurance to go on and proceed my future plans."

"Differentiate myself from others "

Shachar BRY, BBA 2005 (Major Finance)
Junior consultant, Enterprise Risk Services Deloitte Israel

"Receiving my BBA diploma in Paris has allowed me to differentiate myself from others during my job search in Israel, inspired from the multiple languages and cultures at ESG campus, as well as my participation in various extra curricular activities, such as the BBA Courier. One of the most important aspects of ESG , like any other Business school, is networking. I have been able to help my brother more than once in finding a connection in a country he does business with, allowing him to better succeed at his position as global development manager from one side, while providing my fellow student employment in a global company on the other side. However, when asking what I most remember from ESG, the answer will be the people; friends, colleagues and staff; they are what the BBA Program is all about."

"I wanted to go abroad to discover and visit"

Emilie Alix
Exchange program 2007 With UDEM (Universidad de Monterrey), in Mexico

"I wanted to go abroad to discover and visit, I wanted to know everything, finally I realize two things:
1 – There is so much to learn that I probably never know all I want
2 – This experience helped me learn about myself
This experience gave a sense to my studies: international management. Finally, I liked so much Mexico that I remained there. I currently make a one year training course in Monterrey! "

"The experience abroad I can only define as incredible"


"The experience abroad I can only define as incredible. Having studied in such an interesting country and in a great school are now wonderful assets I hold. Due to this exchange program, I found an internship in London and have been admitted in a Master program at Bocconi University, Italy, one of the best universities in Europe. I thank ESGCI and the international office for this unique experience. "

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