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Visiting professor

Preference is given to

  • Teachers who have not received a prior Socrates
  • Teacher Mobility Grant
  • Stays resulting in the creation of new educational material
  • Stays strengthening cooperation between the participating institutions, laying the foundation for new projects

Please note that these rules and regulations may change.

In the past years, the International Office has received fairly small grants from the EU for this activity. Therefore, teachers or professors should expect to pay the majority of the expenses with funds other than these Socrates/Erasmus Mobility Grants.

International Staff Mobility at PGSM is an integral part of the school's strategic mission statement. Staff Mobility is a priority activity within the school and its networks to enhance and maintain quality and enable staff to gain first hand experience of teaching and/or assessment at partner universities

Teacher Mobility is therefore very much encouraged at PGSM.

Incoming professors

For professors from universities and business schools who want to teach at PGSM, in one of our regular programs or within one of our summer sessions, please contact the International Office for more information.

Outgoing professors

The International Office would like to bring to attention of the PGSM professors, the possibility to receive EU funds (Teacher Mobility Grants) for short term visits to other universities or business schools within the EU, EEA countries included.

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