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What's on?

PGSM renovates it's student residence

Doing an exchange semester in Paris is a dream for many students... But same as in almost every major city, housing is difficult to find in the "City of Love", especially for a short period, to do a summer program or else for one semester only. To guarantee always the best service for exchange students coming from our partner institutions all over the world, PGSM is now renovating it's own student residence about 25 minutes away from the campus. Furthermore, PGSM is renting flats and small studios to students for the summer programs, a semester or a year. PGSM Business School is therefore proud to be the only business school within the city of Paris who can guarantee accomodation for about 100 exchange students every semester!

For more information about our partner schools or our exchange programs, please do not hesitate to contact the international office.

All our Business School Units have the ERASMUS charter

PGSM Busines School is happy to announce that, starting with this year, all our 4 business school units, ESG (Management & Business), ESGCI (Marketing & International Relations) and ESGF (Finance) have received the ERASMUS charter, and can therefore send as well as receive students from other ERASMUS partner universities, launch further teaching as well as staff mobility and participate in other joint projects within this network. Every year, about 35% of the exchange students at the PGSM Business School arrive or are send abroad within the ERASMUS program, and we are sure and delightet that this number will now increase even more.

ESG Business School goes even more international

The ESG Business School Unit is increasing it's internationalization by sending over 400 students on exchange and study abroad programmes in 2009. Students entering ESG in the 1st year spend their 3rd year of studies mandatorely abroad. A choice of over 25 institutions is opened to the students, more than half of which allow them to complete a degree at the host institution. The students can, then, complete an exchange in the second semester of their fourth year of studies. Last but not least they can, again, leave France and complete a dual degree in their 5th year, in partner institutions in the US as well as in Australia.

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